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Welcome to Rotor Lab

At ROTOR LAB, I am a Mum and a Scientist who wants to introduce young children to science and to stoke their curiosity and help them on this wonderful journey of exploration. I use simple, easy-to-understand experiments and stories to introduce little minds to the world of science. I have STEAM activities planned around stories where children have the opportunity to explore nature and learn about the everyday things that surround them, with a brand new scientific outlook.

See how your little ones can turn into little scientists!

!! We have currently paused all our workshops until the end of lockdown or until we can safely continue them !!

Calling All Little Scientists

 Our registration form is now available to download, but we highly recommend waiting until the lockdown is over to apply. 

We have new measures in place to safely conduct our workshops under the new guidelines received from Stadt Heidelberg - Please note the important information listed in our registration form. 

If you would like your child to attend one of our workshops or find out more about the workshops, please get in touch with us!

We would love to meet your curious little scientists in the coming weeks and months!



Little Scientists At Work


++ We pride ourselves in making sustainable science experiments, helping children see the fun side of recycling.++

At ROTOR LAB, we want to bring the magic of science to young children. We want to dispel the phobias surrounding science and show them how science is all around us in the smallest things. It is to enable them to experience the fun of questioning and experimenting.

​Join us as we fuel curious little minds and have fun with science!

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