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Science and scientific outlook do not need to inculcated in children. It is inherently there deep inside them. Our job as parents, caregivers, teachers and adults is to nurture and encourage children in their quest for knowledge and information. 

Our workshops are designed to let them do just that -  we let the children explore and find answers for themselves using age-appropriate activities and thought experiments. BUT to encourage the thought process and guide them on their way to a scientific way of life, we have recommendations of books and toys that reinforce this ethos of critical thinking and hands-on testing! The little scientists need all the encouragement they can get to grow up to be rational thinkers!

For your ease, the books and toys have been categorized by broad themes and skills that can be developed using them. Hope that you can find it useful. When you click on the link and buy, it will not cost you anything, but you will help support this website! Many thanks for supporting us! None of the content advertised here was sponsored; I have chosen and bought these independently.


 Dinosaurs and Evolution

Our Foods and Healthy eating coming soon

Space and stars 

Our World coming soon

General knowledge coming soon

Sounds and Music coming soon

Programming for Young kids 

Book Recommendations for the budding little scientists!

Here are some book recommendations that will inspire even the non-scientists minds to discover new and fabulous things...

Inventions: Leonardo da Vinci Pop-up Models #ad

The Questioneers #ad

Stories for Boys Who Dare to Be Different #ad

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls #ad

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World #ad

If you have more suggestions that we should include o our website, let us know by leaving us a message! We look forward to hearing from you! Also let us know if enjoyed any of our recommendations!