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Our World

What? Why? Where? How? Here are a few recommendations that might help you and your little scientists answer these a bit better! Discover all about nature and everything we can discover in it!


Look Inside: Our WorldUnsere Erde #ad

See Inside: Atoms and Molecules #ad

Lift the Flap: Periodic Table #ad

100 Things to Know about Planet Earth #ad

100 Things to Know about Oceans #ad

100 Things to Know about Saving the Planet #ad

Questions and Answers about Plastics #ad

See Inside: Energy #ad

Look Inside: Wild Weather #ad

Animalium / Animalium Activity Book  #ad

Das Museum der TiereDas Museum der Tiere Mitmachbuch #ad

Botanicum (Welcome to the Museum) / Botanicum Activity Book #ad

Das Museum der Pflanzen / Das Museum der Pflanzen Mitmachbuch #ad

Slow Down: Bring calm to a Busy  World / Wunder der Natur #ad

Wonders of Nature / Wundervolle Welt der Natur #ad

An Anthology of Intriguing Animals / Wundervolle Welt der Tiere #ad

Fungarium (Welcome to the Museum) #ad

See Inside: Germs #ad

What are germs ?  (For the curious toddling scientists)

The Street beneath my Feet / Unter meinen Füssen #ad

The Skies above my EyesDer weite Himmel über mir #ad

The Big Book of the BlueWas lebt im großen tiefen Blau? #ad

Fore more books in this series in English and German, click here. #ad

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