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Why I Write Books

The only interest that has been a constant in my life, from childhood to adulthood, is telling stories. When I was younger, I told stories about my day and my life. I could and still do, vividly SEE my day in ultra high-definition inside my head. Not the real drab everyday, but the exciting and adventurous everyday. I told my parents what I did in school - when I was sent to the Principal's office because I was distracted, a word teachers used for kids who day-dreamed in class, I told them, I was sent there to admire the lovely pictures that were hanging on her walls - in my mind that is exactly how my day had transpired - the ultimate truth as it were. That was all I noticed, that was all I saw. I did not see the punishment in it. I was genuinely happy to be there. I SAW a story in my everyday then and as an adult I still love looking at my life as if it were a great saga unfolding.

That is about my need to tell stories. That is the BIGGEST why. The second why comes from my mission to dispel the stigma and the supposed difficulty surrounding science. I want to make science easy and simple, because that is exactly what it is and I can look forward to a world where our kids can grow into thinking adults who do not simply consume but understand and critically look at how and what they consume... Catch them young, as they say!

The books and stories that I write for the workshops usually are centered around a model that aids kids to process more than what is simply told and without the added baggage of always being right or looking for the right answer. That for me is the beauty of science; to tinker about and experiment and figure out what might be the answers to your questions, whilst happily stumbling upon yet more questions to explore.

I hope I can take your little scientist on their journey to science with me!

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