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Science of the Senses

We are all almost always inside our homes and our senses are not getting enough exercise! They are getting lazy at home, The screen time is tiring our eyes, we use only our indoor, quiet voices, and there isn't always lots of fresh food for our taste buds, and touching is the biggest NO-NO! You have to wash your hands if you touch something unknown... But it's not all quite so bad. Our ears are having a great time though; they can now clearly hear the birds humming in the trees, they can listen to their favorite music all the time, there are no loud noises coming from the construction sites and quiet indoor voices are such a pleasure to listen.

Our activities this week will focus on the senses and getting them to work out a little bit, just like the rest of our body! Hope you can discover something new about your senses...

The Sound of the Seas

Our Voices

Fool Yourself

Sweet and Bitter

One, two, three... How many?