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Science At Home - Free Activity Sheets

The wide spread of corona virus has affected our day-to-day to life and more so for the children. Everyone is stuck indoors and the kids are getting minimal stimulation. We would like to introduce an initiative to shorten the days and do our bit to keep the kids thinking and busy - away from the screens and the paranoia. 


Science in the times of Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Dear Mummies and Daddies of Little Scientists,

Our kids are experiencing an unprecedented event in the modern history. All that they have learned about how to live in this wonderful world of ours has been abruptly altered. They have been incredibly understanding in these uncertain and wary circumstances and made extraordinary adjustments in their everyday lives. These trying times have also brought with them a lot of new jargon, words that they simply don't understand or the serious, worried tone in which they are constantly spoken in make them nervous, not only about their surroundings, but also their future. 
Dr Lilia Ermlich and I have written a book that explores and explains this jargon - our approach has been to make complex science as simple as possible and provide them with a handy handbook which will help make these words a healthy part of the kids' lives. Our aim has been to provide a holistic approach to help the children cope successfully in the times of Covid-19 - armed with knowledge.

Our eBook, Corona Lab: Science Experiments and Activities for Kids ,is now available on Amazon Marketplace and thanks to your support has enjoyed the #1 Amazon Bestseller in the Preschool and Kindergarten category for several weeks! #ad




All About Foods

Science of the Senses

Eat healthy! Mums, Dads, Grans, Granddads, Teachers - Everyone is telling the kids to eat healthy. What is healthy food? We have experiments here to SHOW kids how to identify healthy foods. 

How can they tell which foods have fats? How much water should they drink? We have made it easy for the kids to grasp these ideas so that they might become second nature and help them make the right choices all on their own! 

Here are a few experiments you can download for free to help them along...

We are all almost always inside our homes and our senses are not getting enough exercise! They are getting lazy at home, The screen time is tiring our eyes, we use only our indoor, quiet voices, and there isn't always lots of fresh food for our taste buds, and touching is the biggest NO-NO! You have to wash your hands if you touch something unknown... But it's not all quite so bad. Our ears are having a great time though; they can now clearly hear the birds humming in the trees, they can listen to their favourite music all the time, there are no loud noises coming from the construction sites and quiet indoor voices are such a pleasure to listen.

Our activities this week will focus on the senses and getting them to work out a little bit, just like the rest of our body! Hope you can discover something new about your senses...

Our Food - Quiz

Science of Movement

Little children jumping about, birds flying in the sky, cars vrooming on the streets and fish swimming in the sea have one thing in common - they are all moving! All the activities this week will be explaining the things that affect moving things and movements. It will be all about the science behind the everyday bouncy objects! 

Everyday Science

There is science surrounding us in every little thing we see. This week is all about exploring the science that is everywhere around us. Our aim is get kids to SEE the science around them. 

Tidy up!

Water, water, everywhere...

No Mess

Get that salt back!

Which ones need electricity?

We hope these activity sheets will help you combat the boredom and keep the little scientists busy!

If things don't work out as we described them in our activity sheets or if you encounter problems with the download, please get in touch with us. Any and all feedback is welcome - 

It would be lovely if you could share the pictures and results from your little scientist's experiments with us! Please share it with us on or on your social media using #rotorlab or #scienceathome.

**We will try to upload a new activity every weekday in the coming weeks. Stay safe, stay informed!**

Above activities were produced in collaboration with Dr Lilia Ermlich from